New Door Order Form- 2/24/2013
We have recently updated the ONLINE door order form as well as the downloadable PDF form.   A new Drawer Order form will be posted soon.

Our online forms entailed the convenience of not having to attach a form to an email or printing it out and faxing it in for submission.

If you are using the PDF door form for submission, please download the updated one and save over the old one.

The Door Order pdf will allow you to type in your customer info and save the data within the form for future printout or submission attachment.  The form was designed so that users are able to fill in as well as to save the data along with the form.  Before downloading, viewing and saving this form to your computer, you must download and have the Adobe Reader installed.  Download the reader in the Download section to the right.

Once you click on the link to the right and downloaded the Door Order pdf into your Internet Browser, you must click on the SAVE button or the File menu to save the form to a designated location on your computer.


Adobe Reader

Online Door Order

Offline Door Order pdf


New Vinyl Addition- 3/1/2013

Edgebanded Products- 3/21/2013
Edgebanded products are now available. Contact your salesman for more details regarding product availability.


Blum® Clips- New & Discontinued

We are now offering Blum®Clip 1801 and 1901 in lieu of the discontinued clip 1701.  

iew Detail

Feature Drawer- Double Trash Drawer Box- 2/10/2014

- Polyester Gloss Faced Edgebanded Door-  2/10/2014

Polyester Gloss Edgebanded Doors have matching Melamine Back

View Detail
View Detail
View Detail
View Detail

Feature Drawer- Drawer Within Drawer

Discontinued Vinyl

African Walnut & Wenge selection have been discontinued effective immediately.

African Walnut


Wenge has been replaced by Italian Wenge.


ThermoFoil Cross Reference Charts - 3/29/2013
   The Cross reference charts for the Thermofoil are now available for viewing. 














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